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At True Function, our goal is for our clients to spend less than 10 minutes on appliance delivery. Proactive communication is key to achieving that goal.

Our team of highly skilled technicians will contact you and troubleshoot any issues with impressions, bite, or appliance selection to provide the best fit for the patient.

Our 7 business day* in lab turnaround time allows your patients to begin treatment sooner.




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Delivering Peace of mind for 25+ years.

Your lab should be a resource and not a cause of stress. At True Function, we have specialized in oral devices for 25+ years. Join the top clinicians in the industry that rely on True Function to successfully treat patients by leveraging our expertise and friendly service. You can rest assured that your patient’s cases are in great hands.
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The True Function Experience

What started as a small dental lab operating out of a dentist’s office has since grown to become a leading fabricator of dental appliances for the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), TMJ splints, and Occlusal guards.
Our founder envisioned creating the most hassle-free laboratory for clinicians offering modern high-tech fabrication while staying true to old-fashioned customer service.
We invite you to look into our selection of Sleep Apnea and TMJ devices and let us be your partners for your next case.

FDA Cleared, Made in America

Client Testimonials

Allen Jones, DDS, MSTorrance, CA
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"...they are fantastic, I'm very thankful for all the great quality work and effort True Function puts into their devices. My last 2 cases were slam dunks! Appreciate all the attention to detail, fit and bite were perfect."
Josh Chapman, DMDSouth Charleston, WV
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"True Function milled appliances are worth the price. I feel good presenting them to my patients."
Dr. Robert RandolphSolana Beach, CA
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"Humbled and honored to work alongside you and your team, you come highly recommended."
Dr. Victoria ShklovskyBrooklyn, NY
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“Your devices are pure quality. I don’t have to adjust anything. They are just awesome, I love them."
Dr. Neal ShahAtlanta, GA
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“Impressed by the recent nightguards and Farrar’s I received, amazed you are able to deliver high quality products in a short turnaround time.”

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