Quick Splint 12 Pack

QuickSplint 12-Pack


Product Description

Pain relief in 1-3 nights for Jaw and Muscle Sprain/Strain. Used as a deprogrammer and for Perio, Endo and Implants to promote post-operative healing and protect temporaries and restorations. Includes 12 units, storage containers, instructions. VPS not included.



For patients who Brux, Clench or present with TMD and Headache.

Splint therapy made quick and convenient. Reimbursable procedure with multiple uses. Immediate comfort for your patient same day. Transition therapy while you determine the definitive solution.


QuickSplint 12 Pack

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quicksplint-tryQuickSplint is a patented anterior bite plate that covers the upper or lower front teeth from bicuspid through bicuspid. It is a two component device with a hard plastic shell and a softer compliant lining that conforms to the supporting teeth. It is designed to fit a multitude of dental arch configurations and may be fitted on the upper or lower arch as determined by the Prescriber (based on maximum tooth contact). QuickSplint is easily and quickly assembled by dental staff within minutes, for same-day use by the patient. Immediate treatment when the patient is symptomatic!

QuickSplint inhibits the full force of parafunctional teeth clenching, and gives the pericranial musculature an opportunity to relax overnight. Reducing the muscle tension in trigeminal innervated cranial-facial muscles may reduce the pain occurrence associated with many bruxism headaches and the pain associated with TMD dysfunction. QuickSplint provides the patient a sense of progress and hope of arriving at the most effective treatment program. It can be provided either on a stand-alone basis or in combination with other treatment options.

It is designed to be worn at night and removed in the morning. This general plan may be modified by the Prescriber as needed; in some cases it may be worn during the day for limited periods.

Studies suggest that long term use of a partial coverage device for extended periods can result in a change in the patient’s bite position. Therefore it is recommended that all patients using oral appliance therapy for extended periods should use a full coverage device that has been custom fit for long-term wear.


For pain and bruxing patients, QuickSplint is designed for wear over a two to four week period in order to diagnose and determine the efficacy of oral appliance therapy or referral to a specialist.

For patients receiving dental procedures, whether endodontic, oral surgery, placement of cosmetic dental prosthetics or periodontal surgery, QuickSplint physically protects the teeth from nighttime bruxing activities that might damage the results of the procedure or cause an increase in pain.

QuickSplint can be provided to any patients who experience orofacial pain. It is not recommended however for patients with loose teeth or patients with jaw mobility restriction less than 25mm or hypermobility greater than 60mm.


QuickSplint™ is made of Lexan, a semi-rigid preformed material. To custom fit QuickSplint, inject heavy set Polyvinyl Siloxane (PVS) into the QuickSplint and place it in the patient’s upper or lower arch (based on maximum tooth contact) until set. Supporting the QuickSplint while the patient bites down completely seats the QuickSplintwhich levels the bite registration against the opposing arch. The PVS will overflow the QuickSplint, engaging the retention features.

Our You Tube Channel demonstrates additional techniques for how QuickSplint can be customized for the patient in minutes and can be prepared by both the dentist and dental staff. Our You Tube Channel demonstrates tips and techniques when using fast-set heavy body VPS and putty, versus low viscosity VPS. Click here to view these tips.

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