True Function Laboratory is dedicated to being a resource for our doctors and their teams. Please find a list of frequently asked questions and some links and documents that might be helpful. If you don’t see your question listed here, please feel free to reach out to us.
Each appliance is offered in materials depending on the appliance design and function. Check out the product pages to see what material a specific appliance is offered in. Also refer to the Appliance Material Option guide for descriptions of the materials.
Most TMJ, Sleep Apnea and occlusal guard appliances require 5 days in lab. We ask for an additional 2 days in lab if we are printing 3D models from your scans. Some sleep appliances like Somnomed, Oventus and Pantheras have longer lead times.
We always try to accommodate rush cases. When submitting your case through DDX, please make a note of the date you need the case returned by. Rush charges and expedited shipping charges may apply.
Most appliances require both an upper and lower model. If you plan on only sending one arch, please confirm with us if that is acceptable before doing so.
Absolutely, we would be happy to pour up your models for you. A small fee will be charged for this service.
No, however there should be a bite enclosed with case.
Yes, most appliances we fabricate require a bite taken at desired treatment position with the vertical needed for the appliance you are ordering. As you know, every mouth is so unique and different appliances require different verticals. If we simply increase the vertical, it may not represent the patient’s natural bite at that position causing the appliance to not work properly. Having a bite allows us to ensure we are making the appliance exactly right the first time.

In cases where we are restoring to the existing occlusion, a habitual or centric occlusion bite is recommended. In cases where vertical is changed such as for a nightguard TMJ Orthotics and sleep apnea devices. The bite taken should be specific to the treatment being provided.
We warranty our appliances made to the impressions/models provided. We are dedicated to make your appliance correct the first time and we believe this means have good communication about all aspects of the case. If we see something that doesn’t look right, we will call to let you know. We normally will provide options, such as: sending in new impression/models, not covering certain teeth, using a thermacryl liner, or proceeding without a warranty on the fit. Not all of these options may be available depending on the appliance or situation.
We highly recommend using Kettenback Silginat material for your impressions. You can find it here: https://www.kettenbachusa.com/silginat/Silginat.aspx
Yes, we pay for expedited 2-day shipping back to your office. You choose how to ship the case to True Function. If you do not have a shipping account, True Function can provide shipping labels for you. You will be charged back for the shipping on your case invoice. Don’t want to drive to a FedEx or UPS location? No problem, we can arrange for a pick up(charges may apply).
No, that is one of the many perks of sending 3D scans. We pay for expedited 2-day shipping back to your office, so there is no shipping cost to you. Make sure you are sending your scans with a Digital Bite. For more information see our Digital Bite Guide.
We ship via FedEx and UPS. If you are located within San Diego, we do use a courier service.
Absolutely, log into your DDX account to view tracking numbers and check the status of your cases. Don’t have a DDX account yet? Click the link below to create an account. DDX Account
Of course! Our dedicated customer service team is very educated on our appliances. If you need a little more guidance, a Senior QC technician would be happy to answer your questions.
We do have a clinical advisor who would be happy to answer your questions. Please contact us and we can put you in contact with them.
We are so glad you are looking into 3D technology. Please visit our Digital Scans section for the latest information.